Why we need to #bekind in business

The 17th of February 2023 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Starting in 1995, the yearly tradition encourages us to be kind to each other without needing a specific reason or event.

It doesn’t feel like a coincidence that this day falls in the same week as International Networking Week. Networking can lead to great opportunities and it only takes the random act of one kind stranger to completely change your career.

Even something as simple as a mention from a friend on social media, a business referral or a kind word from someone in your industry can give us the confidence to succeed.

But the first step is getting to those events and meeting the right people.


How to Network like a Pro

Our Recruitment Director, Hayley shares her top tips on networking and how to pluck up the courage to get involved.


Networking Tips Quote Hayley Grange Twenty2 Recruitment



1. Be brave. Walking into a room of strangers can be nerve-wracking! Sign up to the event and make that commitment.

2. Take a friend. If you’re nervous to go it alone, ask a friend or colleague if they’re interested in joining you. You might be surprised by their response.

3. Prep. Prepare what you will say when introducing yourself and your business. There’s nothing worse than feeling tongue-tied and under pressure.

4. Research the event. Read up on who the key speakers are, their subject areas and even the list of who’s attending.

5. Be yourself. Remember that you’re at the event for a reason (because you’re the best person for the job!)

Networking Tips Quote Hayley Grange Twenty2 Recruitment




#bekind at Work

And if networking isn’t your thing, here are a few ways you can show kindness in the office today.


Random Act of Kindness Day 2023, International Networking Week Twenty2 Recruitment



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