Why values need to be more than just words

We all have values that we live by day to day and they’re also the values that make us good employees, managers and colleagues. Identifying your values and being conscious of them when making decisions is crucial to ensure consistency and success in the workplace.

When looking for a job, knowing your values can be a great tool and can help you know whether the role is right for you. For example, if you value loyalty, choosing a job close to your family and friends might be important to you. If one of your values is creativity, choosing a job that has self-driven elements with the opportunity to present your ideas is key.



In a business, making sure that the team are aware of the company values and are consistently representing them is essential for the continuity of any service.

At Twenty2 Recruitment & Consultancy, our values are at the core of who we are and are a reminder of the foundation that Twenty2 was built upon.


We care about our clients, candidates and each other. We take time to build relationships and understand what’s important.


We are honest, dependable and reliable. We go the extra mile to help find our clients and candidates the right people or position for them.


We are approachable, friendly and welcoming. We strive to be trusted advisers for our clients and candidates.


We are passionate about doing recruitment differently. We are pro-active, relationship-led and provide a consultative approach.


Conducting a staff survey can be a great way to anonymously ask if your company is aligning with its values. If you’re yet to define your company values, a survey can be used to vote on them or discover new ideas. By defining your values, you quickly and easily give your audience a clear first impression of your organisation.


Values can’t just be words on a page. To be effective, they must shape action - Jeffrey R. Immelt


Try writing down your values and choose your top 4. Make a conscious effort to live by them today.


See the resources below to discover your values and learn about their importance in the workplace.


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