Work From Home? Your Guide to Getting in the Festive Spirit

If you’re a fully remote worker, seeing pictures and Instagram reels of office Christmas parties or roast dinners can create some intense FOMO (fear of missing out!).

But even if you’re based miles away from your team, this shouldn’t stop you from embracing the Christmas spirit while working from home.

Here are our tips to get you in the festive spirit while remote working…


Don’t skip the decorations!

When you work from home, it’s more important than ever to make sure the Christmas decorations are up! Being able to appreciate them and feel festive at all hours of the day is a huge mood booster when the gloomy winter weather kicks in.


Upgrade your hot drinks

Spice up your morning coffee or tea with a festive blend


Embrace the countdown

Invest in an advent calendar that gives you a new treat every day!


Take a breath

Did you know that smells can boost brain activity? Treat yourself to some Christmas-themed aromatherapy to improve your mood and promote productivity this festive season. And relax at the end of the day with a calming scent to wind down.


Get social

If you can’t get together in person, arrange a virtual Christmas party where you can socialise with your coworkers, take part in fun activities or even exchange secret Santa gifts that can be posted in advance. A Christmas quiz always goes down a treat!


Brighten up your video calls

Using fun filters, props and costumes can bring some festive flair to regular Zoom or Teams meetings. It’s also a great way to take a festive photo of your remote team all together to share on social media.


Tune into the Christmas songs!

Do you listen to music or the radio while you’re working? Make sure it’s Christmas-themed! Our top recommendations for Christmas radio are Heart Xmas (106.3) and Magic Radio (105.4). And you can also listen online or on your smart speaker!

Or if you’re more into podcasts, we love The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth Kempton – a wellbeing author sharing her insight into managing a stress-free Christmas. A very cosy, wholesome listen and perfect if you often feel overwhelmed during the festive season.


Reflect and celebrate

Christmas is also the perfect time to reflect on the past year and how far you’ve come. Make sure to express your gratitude for the hard work of your colleagues and team. Sending gifts or e-cards is a great way to personalise the experience.


But if you’re finding it challenging to juggle work and personal commitments, remember to take time for yourself and set those all-important boundaries.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, from the Twenty2 team!

Remote Working, Gen Z and Our Feature in the Daily Mail

Twenty2 are excited to be featured in a recent MailOnline article about flexible working and ‘Gen Z’ workers.

The topic of hybrid working is heavily debated and a popular, post-pandemic talking point. Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has seen a sharp rise in the number of workers wanting to work completely or partially from home. Businesses are learning that they don’t need to have staff in the office Monday to Friday and are benefitting from this. On the other hand, many businesses are encouraging staff to return to in-office working, sparking further debate.

Read the full article by clicking the link at the end of this blog.


Hayley - Daily Mail Article


Pros & Cons

There are many pros and cons of remote working that can’t be overlooked. Pros of flexible working can include increased employee retention, satisfaction and productivity. As a recruitment and training consultancy, we know that flexible working and the option of hybrid working are very desirable to most candidates and can lead to an increase in job applicants and a greater chance of successfully hiring into the role.

Reading the Mail Online article, there is a lot of discussion about the perceived negative side to homeworking. The article cites the opinions of Channel 4’s CEO, Alex Mahon who claims that Gen Z don’t want to work in an office environment and they lack the “skills to debate, disagree and work alongside people with different opinions” due to pandemic lockdowns. Whilst it is important to recognise and factor in this viewpoint when considering the option of hybrid and home working, our founder, Hayley Grange takes a more optimistic approach around Gen Z, offering a voice for young workers and an alternative viewpoint.


Our Mission

At Twenty2, we’re passionate about finding the role that’s the perfect fit for you and your career, whether that’s a fully office-based role, a fully remote role or anything in between. Likewise, we want to support businesses to make good, long-term hires. We know from experience that remote and office-based roles work well for all age groups and adopt an approach that is right for the individual

We pride ourselves on our honest, consultative approach to recruitment, consultancy and training working with candidates and clients to build strong and lasting relationships.

We’re able to support anyone searching for their dream role in the HR, Finance, Legal, Office Support and Sales and Marketing sectors across the East Midlands and Staffordshire. As well as offering advice and consultancy to businesses on how they can approach recruitment in a tight labour market.


Avoiding Stereotypes

Twenty2’s own Marketing Assistant, Lucy Moult, joined the team in 2021 after spending the final years of her university degree in and out of national lockdowns. She says, “It is hard to hear these negative stereotypes about Gen Z. I am happy we were featured in this article as a way of offering a different perspective on the debate. My personal experience and the wider experience of the recruitment team at Twenty2, has shown that some of the broad statements and generalisations about an entire generation are not only misguided but potentially damaging. The isolation of the Covid lockdowns arguably made me more interested in an office-based role with an in-person team but also taught me how to effectively work from home.”


Digital Marketing & Admin Assistant, Lucy recently celebrated her 2 year milestone with Twenty2


The Conclusion

To summarise, flexible working is not an age-based issue. All generations have differing preferences and reasons for wanting to work from home, be in the office full time or adopt a hybrid approach, as do the businesses looking to recruit. The idea that Gen Z views office work as an “inherent negative” is simply untrue and could potentially lead to businesses missing out on top talent.

Our team are here to support you or your business whatever your working preferences. Looking to hire office-based employees or searching for a hybrid opportunity? We’re here to help. If you’re based in the East Midlands or Staffordshire area, reach out to our team today.


Read the original article by clicking here.

Source: Daily Mail, MailOnline