Check Your Brand Reputation Before Recruiting

Online reputation is a growing concern for businesses as candidates take to the web and social media to learn more about the company they are applying to. This research can sway their decision when job searching.

Our Recruitment Consultant, Laura Armfield spoke to Cheryl Morris of Creative Word PR, based in Derbyshire, to discuss the impact that positive and negative PR can have on a business and how this can affect a recruitment drive.


Cheryl Morris – Creative Word PR


Award-winning, PR expert Cheryl has 15 years of experience in journalism, giving her a unique perspective on both sides of the industry. If you want your story to be noticed online, Cheryl can offer the advice and support you need.

Equally, with almost 20 years of experience in recruitment, Laura’s insights are invaluable to any business owner or hiring manager looking to optimise their recruitment process online.


Laura Armfield – Twenty2 Recruitment & Consultancy


Read the article by clicking below and discover how your business can take steps to improve its brand reputation and hire the right candidates, faster. Learn the key reasons behind why your business should always check your brand reputation before recruiting.

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Creative Word PR offers PR support that is reliable, honest and tailored to you. If you need a helping hand with promoting your brand in a positive, effective way online, reach out to Cheryl Morris who can support you with blog content, SEO, branding, PR and much more.

If you’re looking to hire new staff to your team, reach out to Laura directly at and visit our About page to learn more about Twenty2.