Recruitment in 2024 | Our Predictions

The 2023 jobs market has seen a lot of change, especially in the last quarter and with the recent announcement of the Autumn Statement. With workers striking, job vacancies falling and wages increasing, the after effects of the pandemic and the economic consequences of this are still being felt.

But how will this change going into 2024? Take a look at our predictions for the new year including our thoughts on remote jobs, company branding and the threat of AI.


Is this the end of Remote Working?

The world of remote working was embraced during Covid, but we’re now seeing a clear shift in employer mindset around working from home. Many employers are asking their remote staff to return to office working, at least on a hybrid basis. We are expecting this to continue to rise in 2024, with further emphasis on the importance of employee wellbeing and promoting a positive company culture.


Recruitment Predictions 2024



What does this mean for candidates?

Building office-based teams or bringing people back from remote working means that it’s vital that companies find staff that fit their values and work well together. We predict a rise in the importance of personality fit during the interview stages of the hiring process. Researching the company, looking at their social media feeds and utilising websites like Glassdoor can help you to understand the culture and decide if you want to be considered.


Social Media & Your Brand

Further to this, we predict that the digital space for job vacancies and recruiters will only develop and transform further. The need to be present on social media (especially if you’re hiring) is imperative in this digital age. Building and maintaining your online brand will continue to be a top priority for businesses in 2024. For help with your company’s social media and online presence, contact our team who can offer advice, guidance and practical support.


Economical Changes

Following the recent announcement of the Autumn Statement, we now know that big changes are coming up in 2024. This includes increases to the Minimum Wage in April and National Insurance tax cuts from January. The cost of living and job security are issues high on the agendas of candidates that we speak to, whether this will lead to potential candidates being less likely to make a job move, only time will tell. Learn more about the Autumn Statement by clicking here.



Recruitment Predictions 2024




Robot Recruitment?

Finally, there’s the seemingly ever-present threat of AI and its impact on the jobs market. Do we think a lot will change in 2024? No, not really. Do we think that in 5 years’ time, AI will have an impact on our jobs? Yes, 100%. We know that there are a lot of flaws with AI-generated content, chatbots and automation online, so it will likely take a lot longer for AI to completely take over our jobs. So, if you’re reading an article about losing your job to a robot in 2024, close your browser and enjoy a nice long walk outside.


The world of recruitment is ever-evolving and employers can easily feel overwhelmed by the constant changes in technology, the employment landscape and the economy. The Twenty2 team are here to help you navigate this. We offer 1:1 meetings with our clients to discuss their requirements in detail and prevent any confusion around the hiring process. Ask us anything! Get in touch today.