How to Tackle Burnout in the Workplace

Throughout April, we’ve been recognising Stress Awareness Month by reflecting on our stress levels each week and sharing our tips on stress management.

Stress and burnout in the workplace are more common than ever, with many people experiencing these feelings daily. Knowing what to do when you feel this way and understanding what works for you is essential to maintain a healthy mindset.

As an employer, being aware of employee well-being is a key component of a positive workplace culture. Advocating for a healthy work/life balance or scheduling regular check-ins with your staff shouldn’t just be down to HR. If you suspect that your employees are experiencing burnout or high-stress levels in their role, honest communication, alongside empathy, is the first step to finding a solution.

Stress is caused by all aspects of our lives and can sometimes be hard to talk about. By sharing the tips below with your employees and aiming to create a stress-free working environment, you’re on your way to success.


Our Top Tips for Stress Management in the Workplace


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The team took some time to plan our day and write down our routine to identify when we are most at risk of becoming stressed. Watch the Reel from our Instagram below. Download the Daily Destressing Planner from The Stress Management Society and try it out for yourself by clicking here.



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