Getting Back Into Routine After Time Off | Our Productivity Tips

How’s 2024 going so far? It’s a new year and you’re feeling fresh as a daisy after the Christmas break… right?

Maybe you’re not quite feeling settled back into ‘work mode’ yet.

Take a look at our top tips for productivity in 2024.


Getting Back Into Routine After Time Off | Our Productivity Tips


Make a Plan

Set out your intentions and actionable goals for the day ahead. This can be done daily or weekly. Ideally, make a plan before you leave for your holiday so you can hit the ground running when you return. This will help to ease the transition back into work mode.


Get Organised

Keep your workspace neat and tidy. This can help reduce stress and make it easier to focus on important tasks.

And this doesn’t just go for your physical desk but also your virtual desktop. Clear out and organise old files on your computer.



If your colleagues were working while you were off, make time to catch up with them and find out what happened while you were away. This will help you get back into the loop and stay informed.


Focus on Sleep

Give yourself a headstart and get back into routine with a sleep schedule. The likelihood is that you had a few late nights while you were enjoying your time off. Getting back into a bedtime routine will increase your motivation the next day.


Embrace Change

Everyone is entitled to time off and the expectation that you should be able to snap back into routine is unrealistic.

Give yourself a break and embrace the ups and downs. Don’t be hard on yourself for taking time to settle back into a routine.



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