How Employers Can Prioritise Mental Wellbeing During Job Interviews

Unpopular opinion: job interviews don’t have to be scary!

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re sharing our tips on levelling up your hiring process by prioritising mental wellbeing.

As experienced recruiters, we’ve seen countless different approaches to the interview process but know one trick that really makes an employer stand out.

Understanding the needs of your candidate can be the difference between them accepting or declining your job offer.

Prioritising their mental wellbeing will not only make the process smoother, it will positively affect your brand reputation and staff retention.

Here are some simple tips to help ease those pre-interview jitters and ensure every candidate feels comfortable and confident during the hiring process.


Mental Health Awareness Week Twenty2 Recruitment Consultancy




Be sure to check in with the candidate before the interview and send across all the information they might need.

Remember to be specific about location, the time they need to arrive, who they will be meeting and where, and any important information that would be good to know.


Consider any additional needs

Interviews can be nerve-wracking for many people but for those with mental health conditions, they can feel impossible.

Ask your candidates if they need additional support in the lead-up to the interview. Would they like a copy of the interview questions in advance or someone to meet them at reception when they arrive? This can support the candidate to perform better.


Follow up promptly

Immediately after the interview, let the candidate know when you will be in touch with the outcome.

Don’t ghost! Not getting back to a candidate quickly after the interview not only weighs on their mind, but can be frustrating and can affect their decision to accept the job.


Send a considered rejection email

Rejection can take a toll on the mental health of a candidate and this shouldn’t be overlooked.

Offer detailed feedback on their interview and the reasons behind their rejection. Also offer a follow-up call to chat informally about their interview, providing constructive advice on their performance and career aspirations.


Additional resources for employers

Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Recruitment Agencies

There are many reasons why small to medium-sized businesses might struggle to recruit. A huge part of this is not having the time or resources to find candidates – it’s a catch-22!

Reaching out to a small recruitment agency and outsourcing your recruitment can allow you the breathing space to run your business day-to-day whilst growing.


Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Recruitment Agencies


Why You Should Work with a Small Recruitment Agency


An image of the Twenty2 Recruitment and Consultancy team at their office in Castle Donington, Derbyshire



Why Twenty2 are your best choice for recruitment in the East Midlands

At Twenty2, we work with a wide range of SMEs across different sectors. One common piece of feedback is how pressed for time business owners and decision-makers are. For some roles they simply can’t find a suitable candidate, for others they are inundated with applicants and have no one in the business with the time or skills to take on the task.

As experts in professional services recruitment, we can save you both time and money by taking on the full 360 process. By adopting a bespoke approach and being selective in the clients with whom we work, we get the know the business inside out to find a candidate who is both a skills fit and crucially a person fit too.

With the right staff in key positions, SMEs experience greater growth, faster. An agency can work on behalf of the business to promote the opportunity and show top talent why they should choose your business.

Our team offer a personable, proactive approach by tailoring the process to each business we work with. We are a small, close-knit team based in Castle Donington, Leicestershire and are experts in our field. We aim to work quickly to find the perfect candidate for you and work hard to always be one step ahead. Building a close, long-lasting relationship with our clients is a priority for us and ensures a positive experience for both you and the candidate.

If you’re searching for recruitment solutions that are flexible, streamlined and tailored to you, reach out to our team today.


Additional Resources

Take a look at the resources and tips below on sourcing candidates for your small business and hiring your first employee.


Stress Awareness Month 2024

April is Stress Awareness Month and is a chance for people to recognise the impact of stress on our day-to-day lives and learn healthy ways of coping with this.

Often, finding a new job is part of this and can be a hugely stressful experience, even before the interview stage!

Deciding to make the leap can be challenging and scary, but when you’re equipped with the right tools, it can ease the pressure.

Take a look at our top tips on coping with stress when going through the application process.


Image of a businesswoman feeling stressed out at her desk - Stress Awareness Month 2024

Prioritise yourself


Plan & prepare


Set realistic expectations


Reach out


There are so many resources available to help you find the right job or if you just want to talk to someone. Take a look at our recommendations below.




Contact our team if you’re struggling with your job search in the East Midlands and Staffordshire. We recruit professionals within the HR, Legal, Finance, Office Support, Marketing and Sales sectors.


March Networking and Training for the Team

The team are really excited to have had a successful start to the year with lots of positive changes and events taking place.

Earlier this month, our new recruitment consultant, Jody, joined the team and was quick to get involved with local networking events.

Jody attended the Nottingham-based charity, Forever Stars‘ Beyond Business networking event on the 1st of March in Beeston, Nottingham.

Speaking about the event she said, “It was great to hear how us as businesses can come together and support a wonderful charity so they can improve local hospitals and create a warm and welcoming place for families going through such a traumatic time when coping with infant loss. Forever Stars are amazing and contribute to making a massive impact on people’s lives.”


Line Manager Training and Networking Blog


The following week, our Recruitment Manager, Laura took part in the Stran HR Line Manager Workshop, led by founder Francesca Sharp at Branston Golf & Country Club. The small group of local business leaders had a great morning learning in more detail how to handle challenging conversations with staff and promote a positive work culture.

The workshop was beneficial not only from a learning standpoint but also from a networking perspective – having the chance to connect with new and familiar faces.

Laura said, “It was lovely to be part of such a collaborative workshop and spend the morning discussing ways to be the most effective line manager possible. There were some great like-minded participants and Francesca delivered the content in such a warm and friendly way, whilst demonstrating her extensive HR knowledge and experience. I’m looking forward to the next session soon!”

Alongside attending the charity spa event, it’s been a jam-packed month for Twenty2! We can’t wait to see what April has in store.

Sponsoring Stran HR’s Charity Spa Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Derbyshire-based HR consultancy, Stran HR, organised a charity spa day at Breedon Priory Health Club to support local charity, Women’s Work.

Read more…

Get To Know Our New Recruitment Consultant

It’s National Careers Week and we’re catching up with our newest member of the team to ask her about her role and career so far. 
Jody has a broad range of experience recruiting in and around the Derby area and we’re so happy to have her onboard.
Take a look at her Q&A below and find out more about Jody.
Jody Twenty2 Recruitment
Q: Tell us about your career so far…

A: “I’ve been working in recruitment for nearly 6 years now covering both industrial and professional services sectors.

I began as an Apprentice Resourcing Administrator and went on to receive several promotions and recognition awards for my standout performance.”


Q: What do you enjoy most about working in recruitment?

A: “It gives me so much satisfaction when I successfully place a great candidate with an organisation I have built a strong relationship with and both the candidate and client are happy and excited to begin working together.”


Q: What’s a hobby you have outside of work?

A: “I enjoy going to the gym and going on walks at the weekend.”


Q: What’s a fun fact about you?

A: “Me and my family have 4 tortoises!”

If you’re looking to grow your team or you’re open to work in the East Midlands, connect with Jody on Linkedin or drop us an email.

How To Find A Job You Love

There’s the age-old saying that if you “do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Unfortunately, hearing it from a billionaire CEO or a podcast host doesn’t always have the intended effect.

But take it from us, your local recruitment experts, that finding a job you love is truly the key to happiness in all areas of your life.

If you love what you do, you’ll notice positive changes to not just your mental and physical health, but your relationships and finances too.

Now, that’s all well and good in theory, but how do we put it into practice?

Here are our top tips on securing your dream job…


How To Find A Job You Love


Tip 1 – Self-reflection

Reflect on your interests, values, skills, and passions. What activities do you enjoy doing? What industries are you genuinely interested in? Research various job roles that align with these interests. Or if company culture is important to you, use this as a starting point for your research.


Tip 2 – Networking

Connect with professionals in your desired field through networking events or even LinkedIn. Ask to arrange a chat to learn more about their career paths and gain insights into the industry. Building relationships can often lead to job opportunities or referrals.


Tip 3 – Experience & Skills

Gain experience and skills relevant to your desired job through internships, volunteering, freelance work, or side projects. Try taking a short course on a topic you’re interested in.

This not only adds great experience to your CV but also helps you decide if the job or industry is for you.


How To Find A Job You Love


Tip 4 – Your Values

Consider your own ambitions and non-negotiables. Write down a list of these. What do you value in your personal life? What would you like to do more of? If, for example, quality time with family is a priority, a flexible, remote or even part-time role might be ideal for you. If you’re looking for opportunities to study and learn within a role, career progression needs to be at the top of your priorities list.


Tip 5 – Get Tech Savvy

Using online tools such as Indeed, CV Library and TotalJobs can give you an idea of what jobs are available right now. Setting up notifications on these apps can give you a head start on studying the latest job adverts and applying.

Another great way to utilise technology is to read what other people post on forums and social media to learn about the reality of working in your dream industry. But don’t be discouraged by one negative post – seek out a balanced review.


Tip 6 – Stay Persistent

Finding ‘the one’ can be a tough and time-consuming process. Once we think we’ve made a decision on what path to go down, something can happen that makes us rethink our whole career. But don’t let it stop you from pursuing your dream. Remind yourself why you’re doing this and don’t give up. Good things take time (another great saying!)


If you’re looking for more advice and tailored support on your personal career path, reach out to our team. We work with some excellent employers across the East Midlands and Staffordshire to place exceptional candidates in a role they love. Could you be next?


Click here to fill out our handy contact form and take the first step towards your dream job today.


Don’t just take our word for it. Have a read of this article by Indeed all about how to find a job you love.

Check Your Brand Reputation Before Recruiting

Online reputation is a growing concern for businesses as candidates take to the web and social media to learn more about the company they are applying to. This research can sway their decision when job searching.

Our Recruitment Consultant, Laura Armfield spoke to Cheryl Morris of Creative Word PR, based in Derbyshire, to discuss the impact that positive and negative PR can have on a business and how this can affect a recruitment drive.


Cheryl Morris – Creative Word PR


Award-winning, PR expert Cheryl has 15 years of experience in journalism, giving her a unique perspective on both sides of the industry. If you want your story to be noticed online, Cheryl can offer the advice and support you need.

Equally, with almost 20 years of experience in recruitment, Laura’s insights are invaluable to any business owner or hiring manager looking to optimise their recruitment process online.


Laura Armfield – Twenty2 Recruitment & Consultancy


Read the article by clicking below and discover how your business can take steps to improve its brand reputation and hire the right candidates, faster. Learn the key reasons behind why your business should always check your brand reputation before recruiting.

Click here to read the original article.

Creative Word PR offers PR support that is reliable, honest and tailored to you. If you need a helping hand with promoting your brand in a positive, effective way online, reach out to Cheryl Morris who can support you with blog content, SEO, branding, PR and much more.

If you’re looking to hire new staff to your team, reach out to Laura directly at and visit our About page to learn more about Twenty2.

Getting Back Into Routine After Time Off | Our Productivity Tips

How’s 2024 going so far? It’s a new year and you’re feeling fresh as a daisy after the Christmas break… right?

Maybe you’re not quite feeling settled back into ‘work mode’ yet.

Take a look at our top tips for productivity in 2024.


Getting Back Into Routine After Time Off | Our Productivity Tips


Make a Plan

Set out your intentions and actionable goals for the day ahead. This can be done daily or weekly. Ideally, make a plan before you leave for your holiday so you can hit the ground running when you return. This will help to ease the transition back into work mode.


Get Organised

Keep your workspace neat and tidy. This can help reduce stress and make it easier to focus on important tasks.

And this doesn’t just go for your physical desk but also your virtual desktop. Clear out and organise old files on your computer.



If your colleagues were working while you were off, make time to catch up with them and find out what happened while you were away. This will help you get back into the loop and stay informed.


Focus on Sleep

Give yourself a headstart and get back into routine with a sleep schedule. The likelihood is that you had a few late nights while you were enjoying your time off. Getting back into a bedtime routine will increase your motivation the next day.


Embrace Change

Everyone is entitled to time off and the expectation that you should be able to snap back into routine is unrealistic.

Give yourself a break and embrace the ups and downs. Don’t be hard on yourself for taking time to settle back into a routine.



Looking to work with expert recruiters to find top talent in 2024? Get in touch today.

As Seen in the Daily Express | Our UK Job Market Predictions for 2024

Twenty2 welcomed the opportunity to be part of a recent Daily Express discussion about the job market at the end of 2023 and predictions for 2024.

Our Founder and Recruitment Director, Hayley discussed the challenges that hiring late in the year can present. She adds that, despite this, businesses are often keen to hire in preparation for the new year and candidates shouldn’t ever wait to submit their applications.



Although the article was somewhat negative regarding the current state of the job market, the Twenty2 perspective stood out as a positive voice for recruiters and employers in the UK.

Our positive outlook is echoed by Adam Myers, Head of HR Consulting at Stellamar, who anticipates “a lot of optimism for recruiting and business growth going into 2024.”

Click here to read the original article.