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So you want to become an accountant, but you’re not sure what qualifications you need?

There are so many different qualifications when it comes to finance and accounting and it can be tricky to navigate.

Our expert team specialise in recruiting accountants and finance professionals. They have a unique insight into the industry and how to get started.

Here’s an overview.


Accounting Qualifications and Where to Get Them Blog Cover Twenty2 Recruitment & Consultancy


The Qualifications


FYI Accounting Qualifications and Where to Get Them


There is little difference between the ACCA and ICAEW qualifications however, ICAEW requires you to complete your training with an approved employer – ACCA does not. Take a look at our additional resources for more information on choosing the right qualification for you.



Where can I get my Accounting/Finance Qualification?


Local Institutions in the East Midlands and Staffordshire


Remote Learning Opportunities


FYI Accounting Qualifications and Where to Get Them


A lot of these course providers offer a range of courses, covering different qualifications and levels, that you can explore and choose from.




Our expert team of consultants here at Twenty2 are experienced in recruiting for accountancy practice and industry roles across the East Midlands and Staffordshire. If you’re searching for a new role or looking to begin your finance career, get in touch by contacting


We regularly have opportunities in Derby and Leicestershire so don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you’re open to work in these areas.


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